Fall Car Maintenance: Key Tips for the Autumn Months

Fall Car Maintenance | Interstate Mitsubishi | Erie, PA

Seasonal maintenance keeps your car running smoothly, extends vehicle longevity, and prevents potential breakdowns. Given the cooler temperatures and diminishing daylight in autumn, there are a few season-specific things you should do to prepare your car in addition to changing routine oil changes and inspections.

Fall Car Maintenance : Key Tips for the Autumn Months | Interstate Mitsubishi Blog | Erie, PA

According to Go Auto, you should replace your wiper blades before the harsh winter weather sets in. Most wipers will degrade and begin to crack after about a year of use, which can lead not only to poor performance, but potentially to scratches on your windshield. While you’re changing wipers, also remember to fill the wiper fluid reservoir.

Given how much more quickly it gets dark in the evenings, fall is also the perfect time to check your lights. Have someone walk around your car while you’re in the driver’s seat to check the blinkers, brake lights, and reverse lights. If your headlights are especially yellow, you can try a restore kit to improve visibility.

Have your battery checked. While you can do a visual inspection to look for corrosion or loose connections, it’s a smart idea to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic to have them check the battery charge.

Other routine maintenance for the fall months should include changing the oil and oil filter, cleaning the air filter, topping off fluids, and checking your tires for wear and proper inflation level.

All of us at Interstate Mitsubishi want you to enjoy the changing of the seasons in safety. If you need any maintenance performed before the first flurries of snow start appearing, set up an appointment with our service department and we’ll have your ride ready to own the road in no time.

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